Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco


“…there can be no political or institutional empowerment of women unless their economic, social and cultural rights are promoted, and unless women become part and parcel of the development process.” HRH Princess Lalla Salma



Princess Lalla Salma's Life, Family and Education

On 10 May 1978, was born in Fes, a little girl named Salma Bennani, who later on, would bring "a new breath" to the Moroccan society and will be an example for women all over the world.

Her father was a school teacher from Fes and her mother died when she was three years old. From then, she and her sister were raised by her maternal grandmother. She lived in Rabat, with her cousin Saira, the two are commonly seen together in public.

Salma Bennani was educated in private and public schools in Rabat. She attended Lycée Hassan II, Lycée Moulay Youssef, and l'École Nationale Supérieure d'Informatique et d'Analyse de Systèmes, where she completed her engineering studies. Lalla Salma has a degree in computer science and was her class valedictorian. She speaks 4 languages: Arabic, French, English and Spanish.

In 1999 she met her future husband. King Mohammed VI of Morocco

After graduation, she worked in Casablanca as an information services engineer at Omnium North Africa Group, the country's largest private holding company (which is also controlled by the Moroccan Royal Family).

Salma married King Mohammed VI of Morocco on 12 October 2001, becoming the princess consort of King Mohammed VI of Morocco and the first wife of a Moroccan ruler who have been publicly acknowledged and given a royal title. On 21 March 2002 was granted the personal title of Princess with the style of Her Royal Highness.

Princess Lalla Salma and the King Mohammed VI of Morocco have two children: HRH Crown Prince Moulay Hassan (born 8 May 2003) and HRH Princess Lalla Khadija (born 28 February 2007).

Princess Lalla Salma, a symbol of Beauty and Style




Often named the “Beauty of Morocco”Princess Lalla Salma is also an example of elegance and grace.  

Her beauty, class and taste in fashion have always impressed and captured the eyes of the world. You can not fail to notice her presence.

Princess Lalla Salma, wearing traditional Moroccan kaftan attired with gold embellishments, was voted as the Most Elegant Guest Dresser at Prince William’s wedding.






Princess Lalla Salma 's Contribution to the Development of Morocco

Unlike her predecessors Princess Lalla Salma has taken an active role in public life, hosting a number of visiting dignitaries and royalty. These have included Queen Rania of Jordan, Queen Sofia of Spain, Sheikha Mozah of Qatar, the Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Norway, Princess Maxima of the Netherlands, Princess Mathilde of Belgium or Princess Takamado of Japan. 


Lalla Salma also represents the King and Morocco in meetings and gatherings in other countries.

Maybe one of her major achievements till now is the foundation in 2005 of Cancer Prevention Association in Morocco - Lalla Salma Association to Fight Cancer, and has as main objective to raise public awareness on cancer.

In this sense she launched an ambitious campaign, organized the first national cancer registry and linked arms with many international partners in the fight against cancer.

Princess Lalla Salma is also involved in HIV/AIDS prevention in Africa and she received the Sharjah Voluntary Work Award, one of the most important awards in Arabic world.

In December 2008, Princess Lalla Salma was awarded the highest decoration in Senegal, the Grande Croix de l’Ordre national du mérité, because of her humanitarian work in Morocco and abroad.

Lalla Salma supports and encourages women's empowerment. Maybe the development of Morocco would be easier if women would involve more in society and would take as an example the education, dignity, prestige, style and elegance of Princess Lalla Salma.

…there can be no political or institutional empowerment of women unless their economic, social and cultural rights are promoted, and unless women become part and parcel of the development process.


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